Directed by Geoff Wonfor: A whimsical look at the Dingle International Film Festival, the festival director and the town of Dingle by "Dingle-izing" classic movie moments.



What was a Brooklyn girl like me doing writing and producing a movie with UK Director Geoff Wonfor? It all started at the 2008 Dingle International Film Festival. Geoff and I met when my short film THE SACRIFICE and his BEATLES ANTHOLOGY both screened in Dingle, Ireland. We both agreed that Dingle was a wonderful film festival, that Maurice Galway, the festival director was an engaging personality, Dingle was one of the more charming and important film locations on the planet, and that Maurice's struggle to make the Dingle Film Festival into a Sundance-like institution was nothing short of heroic -- so basically, all the elements one needs to make a compelling documentary. And so, we created, We'll Always Have Dingle so that viewers can, too!